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enemabagjones's Journal

Not Mandatory
4 January 1982
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absurdism, aimee mann, alan tudyk, allan guttman, amputation jokes, andrew scott, archetypes, argyle socks, attention, bad puns, barenaked ladies, bathos, being binsane, ben folds five, billy the dead, bob dylan, caffeine, canada, carbohydrates, carpenhagen, cary elwes, cats, chris murphy, clothing, comedy, conan o'brien, cosmetics, dave foley, disco, eating, elitism, extreme car harmonizing, fake meat, fart noises during movies, feline diabetes, firefly, foleysex, fry sauce, gender pronouns, getting away with stuff, gigantic jesus, gigolo aunts, girlie sports, glasses, guitars, hating andrew lloyd webber, helium, homestar runner, humber college, hygiene, improv, interspecies gay marriage, jangle, jay ferguson, joe flaherty, john mayer, kevin mcdonald, kids in the hall, knitting, making flush calls, making fun of everything, marinara sauce, massagists, meteorology, mondegreens, money, my husband's cooking, neko case, newsradio, nighttime, not abusing the ellipsis, parallel universes, pasta, patrick pentland, peanut suicide, perfecting my scissor-kick, personification, pioneer theatre company, pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, preppy clothes, pretending to be bad-ass, pushing people's buttons, rocking out, rollercoasters, rolling my eyes, salt lake city, sarcasm, sifl and olly, sloan, slow wave, sour patch watermelon, stupid inside jokes, sugar, supercanadian from outer space, sweatervests, synaesthesia, telenovelas, textured vegetable protein, the bangles, the gmc bellhop guy, the new pornographers, the police, the rivoli, the sims, the state, the sundays, the wrong guy, theatre, tina fey, tomato nation, toronto, vegan food, wafl, women's gymnastics